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I know you all have been waiting breathlessly for these. Thankfully, I typed them on my laptop, so they're not till sitting in a notebook like 2005's con notes... These are the panels I went to!

Otakon Con Notes

Science in Anime - Friday, 1PM

Stephen Rudman, Louis Klapper, Andrew Yager, & Scott Dubin


Space travel in Anime:
Gravity Drive - Stellvia
Boson Jumping - Nadesico
Hyperspace Travel - Cowboy Bebop
Sub-Ether FTL Drive - Outlaw Star

Sub-Ether FTL Drive
Ether was what space is made out of (before believing it was a vacuum); now known to be false. Unlimited source of energy in a parallel dimension is used to fuel the drive. Make a bubble in the ether which they use to transit via the ether at faster than light speed.

Wormholds (other three types of drive)
Quantum mechanics work by Einstein et al. If our universe is a membrane (five dimensional universe in eleven dimentional space) then it might be bent and then a connection made between two distant places so they lead to each other much faster. Lacking physical evidence of anti-matter and anti-energy, but have mathematical evidence of both; highly theoretical. In order to open and close wormholes you need this kind of energy. Some wormholes might be natural, costantly forming and dissipating - warp points, etc... In quantum foam - imperfections in the universe on an extremely tiny scale and in an extremely small period of time.

Alcubierre Drive
Antigravitons - theoretical particulates that are the force of gravity only negative. You eject antigravitons behind you, thus propelling you forward at a faster rate - and you can curve your space/time in order to get there faster without actually moving faster. Doesn't violate relativity. In order to mke the negative press in front of you, you need negative energy (again).

Speed of light effects are relativistic effects - time changes, stretched out, etc...

Nadesico - bosons and fermions; fermions make up matter (electrons, protons, neutrons) and bosons are photons, higs bosit (strong nuclear force), weak magnetic force, theoretical graviton, etc... which aren't considered to be matter but ather mediate the forces of the universe.

Ninjas did it! Stole the negative energy!

Space travel in real life:
Earth orbital flights
Lunar missions
Interplanetary Robotic Landers
Interplanitary Robotic Flybys
Interstella Unmanned Probes

Project orion - take a nuclear bomb the size of a soda can and drop it off behind you (joke - hired pepsi to make the release mechanism) with a huge bumper behind you and ride the wave in a chosen direction and reach your destination faster (saturnin a month taking a crew about 80). Was neutralized by nuclear ban treaty. Now project orion is about lunar missions.

Space colonies in Anime:
Legrangian Colonies - Mobile Suit Gundam
Terraformed planets - Nadesico
Stellvia Foundation (large space station)- Stellvia

Biggest issue - getting large things up off the planet and into space. Mir space station is an example of a non-anime attempt at this, but much smaller. Pieces were sent up with a different shuttle and built in space. The international space station is worked on by a number of different countries (US, Russia, Canada) largely for experimentation and science research. Anime effects aren't unfeasable, but itwould take a long time to bring up the piees and build. To get into space you need a speed of about five miles a second.

Space elevator - much less expensive, but the materials required are diamond composites and that is difficult and slow. Gemesis - construction of diamonite materials. "The future is here, it's just not distributed yet." It's near perfect, but expensive. Nanotubes and nanotechnology - right now at the point of having to move carbon atoms individually using lasers, thus it's very slow and, again, expensive. Also, the actual elevator needs to be very strong and the prototypes are breaking frequently.

Mass drivers are very powerful - the problem is with trying to stop it without destroying the receiving point or the objects being moved.

Right now waiting on breakthroughs.

Using materials in space - big issue is gaining access to those materials. Very difficult to land on asteroid and even more difficult to harness those asteroids. Also, lacking the infrastructure to smelt the metals.


Genetic engineering - cloning Dolly was an attempt to reproduce a ewe with a desirable trait (lactose broken down milk). Can't combine two different species. However, you can combine same-gendered gametes, artificial wombs might be possible (can only allow the human embryos to last two weeks, then they need to stop the experiment, but have gotten pretty far with mice - 5 months), and obviously opposite gendered gametes can be combined.

Cloning non-mammals is quite easy; lizards, etc... Ploriplistic cells and cloriplistic cells - stem cells (haven't differentiated) and differentiated cells. Cloning with differentiated cells is difficult because some of the DNA has been locked and that makes it very difficult to clone. Humans may be too complex to do with with due to how complex our dna is. And even if you could get it differentiated (five clones of Stephen Hawkings), the hormones and experiences in the womb can lead to massive changes in how the clone develops. Less than a micromolar amount of a hormone can completely change something.

Post-syotic barriers - like the steps to make a mule. Need something very similar. Ethics come in as well - liger and tigon.

For the record - anti-zombies. Everything's a weapon when you're fighting zombies.

Making a clone of a clone of a clone can result in errors after errors as different dna errors build up, you will have a big mess if there isn't a miscarriage system in place. From original source material there shouldn't be a problem, though.

A single type of cell is much easier to clone - complex systems are much harder. Duh.


Fan parody panel - 3PM Friday

Michael, Tim (Doki Doki, MST3K), John Welsbrook (Mean Popsicle, Flash parody), Scott Melzer (head honcho, this is otakudo), Mike (voice actor), John Miller (tech guy, 2nd director)

Naruto - Feel great (commercial)
Voltron - Stupid & Spines (making fun of story standards)

Dif between amv and fan parody - not really any difference; encouraging more parodies so that there can be more places to show the parodies

This is Otakudon question - steam is coming out SOON but not on VCD. Will be a dvd. Sneak preview later.

Where do you find people? - "I've got friends." "Go to the employment line and say, 'Hey, we've got work. Can't pay you, but we've got work!'" Grab random people - "You look like you have a nice voice." Hang out with voice parody people. Friends who can do/think they can do random voices.

3 types of parody - add voice actors to say line syou wrote, use existing sound audio and mixe together video, or use subtitles, leaving the original Japanese.

Adobe premier is commonly use for making parodies. Full Parody Panic. Make an AMV in the panel - about five minutes. DVD Lab Pro; professional level. 200-250$ DVD Decript, Zilsoft, for ripping. is a good place for guides and programs. DVD Fab Decriptor.

Most people started with music videos, one person saw a parody and went for it. Start ith an idea, then seek out how to do it.

1 lesson learned - use a source you can work with (lots of episodes, never use a video game).

Advice for lip flaps - never use just two images; use multiple to match the words. Don't get too anal about it, though.

Preferred technique for capturing video - has stuff on VHF and laserdisc and so captures for it. Mohave capture card used by another.

Voice acting - professional? Desires but not plans. To get into voice acting you have to go completely whole hog; suffer for it with obscene hours and tons of time.

How much hard drive space to you need? 80 gig worked all right (640x480 resolution).120 gig would be a good minimum; more the better. Aim for high quality.

Concept that you really wanted to do butcouldn't make work - starblazers is on VHS and is very bad quality; smooth criminal remix, but the lyrics were repetative.

The original concept behind steam was have something colloborative all from different people for fan parodies. 30 second clips. Only a couple of people turned things in, so it didn't really happen that way. He would still like to do a bunch of 30 second sorts that are still tied together.

Cosby bebop - funny video

Recording original audio - come to the panel tomorrow! New hardware; know a guy who has a studio; mixer (100$) microphone (100$) and straight into the audio imput on the computer. Easier to pick up bad audio rather than bad video; good place to spend money.

Pushing to get more fan parodies seen - screening at 9:30PM tonight of new stuff; Satuday at 9:30 PM is some more old school stuff.

Exceedingly lazy for amvs; use stuff without subtitles! Wheee~!

How do yo get a job opening or closing drawbridges? - started in highschool.

Send things in - Otakon's website to send in parodies. Other cons, check around and send to broad categories going down. Please read the submission guidelines - very mportant to match the formats they can play.

When coming up with jokes, what do you do? Dif. between cheap jokes and good jokes. Can take a while to come up with the perfect endings. Arguing abut getting references.


Gaia Panel 6PM Friday

Panelists: Jakobo, Cyphgenic, and Lanzer
L0cke via video proxy

People REALLY don't like the Gaia image. Get rid of the Tropicana kids; new sexy figues that will replace the fiues in the circular image.

New storyline content this summer - Resistance is Futile (OMFG).

Different prelim outfits for Gaia costumes - gangster sets, sports sets, tentacle head, Mohi pppy concept sketches, the demon and angel bows, solar staff, g-blade, dark halo, chain of command, some NPC ninja art, and a general outroar for Ninjas over pirates. Concept art of a woman with a wolf head, and a kill lanzer thug (quite large).

Battle system trailer. Done for Fanime 2006, but isn't close to what is in development rigt now. Lanzer loving the cute rock dolly - until it attacks him. Then VO and man with a black sword KICK ITS ASS. Button head, snakeso n a plane, vending machine, piled kitties (cat oh nine heads), Top hat w/top hat, Mosquito alarmclock landshark, mermaid before her coffee (starbucks logo), Gremlins (from AFK), octoyak and bootmonster, crazy dog, walkng fish, dead bird. Some stuff bsdrf ogg og clothing, wintergreen shout sweater, apron monster, anchor bug, angryface, sarimonster. New NPCs: piraty, open shirt guy and has a spider on him. Other mosters, including a blob with a clothing object in it. Beetle warrior.

The Gaia world. Valley trench and enchanted forest/hidden grove areas. Battle system environment, as well. Very mystical, with trees and rocks and mushrooms!

Gaia social in the charles street lobby at 1PM.

Bunny + chickie slippers


Will the monsters have drops in the battle system? They will have some sort of items; there will also be gold earned.

User ads back up? Yes, taken off during site migration but will be back soon.

GLOL Dresses for guys? Starting at the back to make them unisex; will take a while.

All hairstyles in all colors? Trying to flesh out the hairstyles; eventually a paletted set of colors and apply them to all hair.

Casino Glitch and new items disappearing? "Where's my notebook?" GLITCH!

Who shot Gambino? "Do we have a sniper in the audience?"

Why don't we all get free stuff? Lanzer gets to answer. "Everyone will be getting free stuff tomorrow at 1." Flew out from San Jose, and couldn't fit on the plane. Next year, hopefully they'll have everything, with Otakon as their big con on the east coast.

Why did you kill of the von Helsing sisters? "I never saw them die. ... For all I know we'll have zombie von Helsing sisters." LOTS of people want them to stay dead.

Jakobo loves Lanzer

Will there be better weapons and possibly items for avatars? General cheers for more weapons; will be trying to get more stylized weapons as soon as they know how to without getting sued.

When will you bring the origional halo bac? "Can you get those from ebay? They are not how Lanzer funds his personal trips around the world." There will be quests to obtain older items, though they may not be easy. One more difficult quest had over 70 steps.

Will there be PVP? Initially, no. The lead developer really wants to add PVP, though.

Voodoo dolls might show up, and there might be killable zombies.

Gino: "Who's my mommy?" "You're not supposed to know."

The avatars are a way to dress and be styled in the battle system, plus there will be new items dedicated to the battlesystem and those new items will be rings - build your attacks, etc... Current weapon-like items are for appearance but won't we used as weapons; you could dress like a pirate and use ninja attacks via your rings.

When can we redeem bachlor credits? Need a storefront and some items.

Tattoos: Available within two weeks.


Anime and Philosophy - 9PM Friday

Trigun - Nietzche and the Will to Power

Choice & Free Will

Vash saves anyone, but through his choice indirectly destroys everything; wants an existence with peace and tranquility with all humanity. Knives wants to create an "Eden" that will exist in the abscence of humanity. Ties into Nietsche and his idea that one has a will to power and may choose to gain power in order to affect achange on the world.

Wolfwood - priest who kills people; who protects Vash on the order of Knives who is intent on the distuction of humanity. "So this is how you chose to live."

Vash has resigned himself to hisself destruction as long as his will to existence exists - a passing on of an ideal.

Survival; what does humanity need to do in order to survive? Man freaks out in line for water and triggers a riot by guzzling water. Humanity doesn't want to give him the benefit of the doubt; no curiosity for the motivations and truth of the situation. Microcosm of what humanity does and is.

The rendering of humans as something to be despised. Knives lives his life to destroy humanity as a cleansing. Who says it's right to weed out the peopledesiring and wishing destruction. A what point does one decide that killing a person is required to save others? The "greater good"?

Sailor Moon - Free Will versus Destiny

Reincarnation of a princess of the moon - doomed to become this princess to the exclusion of her own choices and life. At what point does the choiceso ne makes affect one's destiny? No matter how hard she fights against it, at the end she always gives in to her desity. "Who are we to decide what we can do in life? Who are we to chose what our destiny is?"

What happens when your destiny is the right thing and you chose to follow it even though it requires a sacrifice of your free will?

Final Fantasy 7

Every loves Sephiroth as this bishonen. He's the ideal of Nietzche's ubermench. Elevated above the common man and the common man will follow him but the ubermench will not desire to be followed. The real Sephiroth is dead; you are fighting an imperfect clone. Not doing it to be followed but he is followed anyway. Is taken down by an imperfect clone who believes he is something else.

SOLDIER designed to be the perfect warriors and people (are those synonymous?).

Nietzche never specified the ubermench would have a goal; he simply seeks destruction. Three avatars of Sephiroth in Advent Children - still imperfect, still seeking something which he cannot reach. Purposeless. "Sound and fury // signifying nothing".

An ideal of something; a clone of an idea of the perfect being.

When someone seeks perfection it can never be attained, because in the pursuit of perfection one is always altered. Perfection is unattainable (nonexistant?). Closest you can achieve to perfection is destruction.

Falls into an archetypal field that is larger that the self and thus sussumes it.

The ubermench always must fail.


FF7 - Sephiroth's final line - "I will not become a memory." Coming back for the sake of coming back; so that everyone has this ideal in front of their eyes. I'll always exist as an embodiment of evil in this world. The reflection back on ourselves of our own self-destructive impulses.

Destruction/Despair - similar points

"You can't take away what I love the most because I love everything the most."

Knives and Sephiroth have similar archetypal implications - the seeking of perfection through destruction. Not identical, though; Knives wanted a perfect race (save butterflies from the spiders), but Sephiroth actively blamed humanity - seeking a punishment of humanity for the destruction of Jenova. Knives was turned against humanity by being treated as a subhuman (really as a human, since humans do that to each other, but hey....).

Knives is seeking a heaven which is the absence of the other; Sephiroth as well?

Chaos and conflict breed discovery - destruction leads to creation, la la la la la. Stare into the abyss and the abyss stares back. Hee hee. Everything is born of chaos; and to chaos we return like a drop of dust...

Yes, I'm getting tired. 8)

In order for our society to realize happiness, you need sadness; in order to know life, you need destruction. People created in response to the actions of people; the destruction of humanity is inherent in it's creation of it's own destroyer.

Vash can be Confuscious because he's a wandering soul who wishes nothing but peace and happiness on all humanity through preaching nonviolence.

Parody idea - Scooby Do FF7 "I would have done it if not for you meddling kids."

Johann Liber - similar ideas.

Bonding with a woman in order to become powerful. "When mother gets here, she'll fix everything."

Points out the lack of nobility - we refuse to better ourselves until we have something threatening to take those tihngs away. At what point to we need to chose our own betterment without being forced into it?

Aerith as catylist of Claude; Sephiroth as mirror?

Sephiroth: destructive demiuge and fused with the maker - the lifestream - but through a human pairing. When you have absolute power the only way to control it is through the abscence of it. You can only control everything when nothing exists.


Costume Design – Saturday 9AM

Aluminum sheet metal - make two lines; one that is the shape you want and one that is larger; usegloves and pliars and shears - not your hands! Once the edges are folded in, the edges of the metal are stronger and the metal is already starting to bend moe.

Good source of thin, curvable plastic - trash cans

Being able to dissassemble your costume is very nice; if you can get away with not filling bolts, do so.

Spraypaint - halfway through the con the inside rubbed off on the costume; pealed and cracked. Bad choice.

Clear nail polish and acrylic paint - flexible paint job. Fabric paints with acrylic may work as well, since they're made to bend.

Sewing tips - patterns are your best friend. Large pieces of newsprint are also a wonderful thing. Draw out the shape tha t you want and make your own pattern.

Always make sure you have lots and lots and lots of references. Toys are great - a 3D view.

To make something large a pillow-like - make a filler inside using filler fabric to separate out the fiberfill so that it won't all end up at the tail end of your "pillow". You can use foam pieces to contour to your shoulder (or where it attaches to your costume) as well as clips that an attach to your costume and hold the entire thing in place. Clear clips disappear against a white costume and if they're hooked into armor pieces, it will hold them in place much better.

Armor pieces should go on last - they can make it difficult to move.

Look very closely at designs to see how things are put together to look for simplistic solutions to what appears to be complex designs.

Most big cities have a fabric row with lots of fabric stores, and Denver fabrics and other fabric stores sell leather and other fabrics.

Swords - dremels work very well for making swords. Be extremely gentle. Bet sander can also work well and get a smooth blade edge.

Sword paint - chrome paint from true value. There are online guides to proper handle wrapping. Oak is a good, durable wood. Poplar is lighter and less durable. Gold leaf makes a shiny gold -shake it up!

Make the blade and the handle as one solid unit, then a separate crossguard. To make a sheath - four pieces of wood making a box, glue them together, sand the edges well, prime and paint. Wood glue works well.

Naraku mask - paper mache used for the face and ears. Used hot glue to hold the pieces together and used cardboard boxes to fill out the wolfish/foxish nose. Used carboardto make wrinkles on forehead. Filled in all of the spaces with hot glue - both made the macheing easier but also gave the mask a more solid structure. Teeth made out of wood and painted separately before being glued on to the finished mask; dremelled the teeth into place. Use glue gun to hold te fur onto he mask. Used woman's black pantyhose for the eyes.

For the inside of a fur costume, using a liner fabric is a good idea. fur & a sewing machine - be gentle and take your time. Fur can become thick or can catch of sewing bits. Hot glue can be used to hold fur together - but not in high stress areas.

Gromits work well for holding the belts into a Lulu costume and allow the bets to be removed for washing the costume. Sew on the lace around the bottom.

Do not use hot glue guns on leather. Doesn't work out well.

If you're going to tape something to yourself, coat the inside of the fabric with clear nail polish - it ill give you a smooth surface.

For clear shoes, you can pour an epoxy mold, or buy clear plastic to make yours, or purchase adhesive shoes for covering the bottom of your feet.

For a slightly poofy skirt - crinolines; commercial pattern companies make historical patterns.

Make what you want out of clay or foam or something; cover it with seran wrap; coat it with spray on foam; cover that with mache to make the final, smooth mold, then pour resin into that. You may be able to buy resin kits.

Thermal plastics - comes in pellets or sheets.
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