Feb. 1st, 2006

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Apparently, I can run (elipt?) a 13 minute mile, which is rather cool. I ate an incredible amount of food afterward, though, and was starving this morning. I did manage to eat rice with tomatoes, egg, and chicken mixed it (vehy good) and yoghurt, and oatmeal, though - nothing "unhealthy." The next step is to start getting those green vegetables in.

I'm also in remedial math in preparation for taking my GRE again. Le sigh. Most of what I've know, I've forgotten; I couldn't even remember the relative relationships to sides of a triangle!!! I suck. I still remember quadratic method, at least. Amusingly, I scored in the 2nd percentile on math, getting barely anything right, and I made about as many mistakes in verbal that I made correct answers in math.

Yeah. We can see what I've been using. Stupid, tricksy numbers.

Also, my zoo is steadily growing. The unicorns have to be my favorite thing, really. I'm hoping I can get the yellow brick road Easter Egg opened as well. The happiness of my little peoples is dropping, though, so I may need to shift a few things around to make them happier.

Also, our apartment has more video games than any should. I'm currently working my way through an old, but good, RPG of DOOM called Grandia; mucho fun. I have a couple other games waiting in the wings, including Dragon Quest VII, and I'm eternally tempted by what [livejournal.com profile] makami picked up - especially now that she's been eaten by WOW. Not enough hours in the day - I'm telling you!

I'm also being my usual bitch in debate on Gaia, though I find myself increasingly tired of people who argue in circles. I did have the fun of ripping into the lack of logic of a recent poster (in private messages - he started it!) and having him come to the startling realization that he shouldn't talk about shit when he's not knowledgable about it. *gasp* ;) Actually, he turned out to be a rather sweet person, and it's been a while since I've seered the fuzz off of a bunny with rage alone.

Alton Brown is my TV boyfriend. 'M jus' sayin'.

I'd be more interesting, but it just isn't happening these days.


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