Aug. 22nd, 2006

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Here are a few of the places I've been checking out lately.

Metafilter Less snarky than Fandomwank but more intelligent than Fark.

The Slacktivist Did you know Evengelical Christians could be this fucking cool? Highlight of the site - an analysis of the Left Behind series from a Biblical point of view.

Gothic Charm School My only whine is the slow update schedule, but each article is worth the wait.

Waiter Rant He's a waiter who rants. Frequently philosophical, always entertaining.

Angry Black Bitch She causes me to crave vodka crans at the most inappropriate times!

Bitch | Lab A very logical take on feminism from someone whose politics I, by and large, agree with. Yes, apparently this makes me not a feminist to some people. Opps.

The Perorations of Lady Bracknell Anyone fond enough of Wilde to take up such a nom de plume is all right by me. We'll ignore the teensy Austen sarcasm slip up, shall we?

My Daily Constitutional Just cool. Nothing more needs saying.

Real Live Preacher His thoughts of the day cemented him in my affections.

The Fine Art of Free Speech and Dissent Sex and feminism and gender, oh my!

The Musty Man Interesting views on opting in and opting out.

Mistress Matisse An excellent - and hot - read. She also writes a column in The Stranger.

Why yes, it is a nice variety, isn't it? Needs more cowbell, though.


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