Feb. 8th, 2007

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Ode to the Razor, Choice
by Deoridhe

Time twists and sheers the limb from tree
Both bark and blood descending free
In time with choice's cruel decree.
Curled in the night
When fears take flight
Beware the sight
Of apples floating on the sea.

Refracting back into the sky
The winds of choice are riding high
White hunters seek and dare and die.
Under the moon
They will come soon
Fast cries the loon -
Your pains are riding passions by.

You cannot bind them -
Free they dance.
You cannot hide them -
Come now chance.
You cannot mind them -
They seek the edge.
You can only bide them -
Cling to the ledge.

Two coursers bright with blood ride past,
Then two of pale and tattered cast,
Two more of shadowed scar the last
With screams of fear
Pale rider's spear
Collapse the steer
The rise of red - reveared contrast.

Thus hope and dream dies with the day
Bleeds into dark without delay
Soaks down in earth to mark the way
Three drops of blood
A traveller's bud
To guide the flood
Of those who from the light will stray.

You cannot bind them -
They seek the crown.
You cannot hide them -
They rise and drown.
You cannot mind them -
They come and go.
You can only bide them -
And then you'll know.


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