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This post is all about [ profile] learan. Yes, this is from an old ass post; I never said I was reliable. 8P

[ profile] learan is all but my little sister, but I unfortunately came a bit late for the "inflicting permanent psychological damage" portion of her life, and other people were better at that anyway. She always was cute, funny, and smart beyond her years. As a youngster she kept up with people several years her senior, and now she's all but the same age, mentally and emotionally at least. She can charm the trees out from under the birds if she wants too, and has a flair for connecting with people that I truly envy. She's managed in her short years to accomplish things that people decades her senior haven't pulled off, and some of them I didn't even know about until after the fact.

I tried to give her my love of poetry. I think it stuck. ;)

She also is, and this is vaguely embarrassing as an older sister to say - but if I can write it on her in sharpie I can surely type it into livejournal, very hott. With two /t/s because one is not enough. After watching that Nanny reality TV show I'm tempted to get the naughty sharpie, though! She keeps trying to deny it! OMG! She has the flattest stomach I have ever seen, and this great mischievous smile, and one of these days we need to get her into something tight and girly and go out to play.

HOTT. Did you hear me, [ profile] learan? HOTT.

I have a sharpie, and I'm not afraid to use it!!!


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