Sep. 17th, 2005 05:21 pm
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I've long been arrears in the typing up of this; it's largely not about Otakon in general; there are enough con reports to entertain people for years if they wished. Rather, this report is aimed at a specific hobbie of a friend and I, the MegaTen series of video games she interested me in several years back. Sadly, she was unable to attend these meetings with me, but I had agreed to go and take notes, and below is the result of those notes with what links I have available.

For those who haven't happened across the apartment while we've played, MegaTen refers to a series of games by Atlus which have several offshoots of interest. The one which triggered her, and thus my, initial interest is called Persona. The original Persona was badly mangled when it was brought over, including introducing characterizations which hadn't existed in the first game and an attempt at multiculturalism that failed so far as to be rather racist. The second - or rather second of a two part series - that was brought over (Persona: Eternal Punishment; henceforth Persona 2b) was happily left along in terms of characters and images, resulting it it being a bit more popular. Shin Megami Tensei (MegaTen) Nocturne was then released - the first actual part of the main MegaTen series released in the US. Digital Devil Saga is the latest release, and we're eagerly awaiting the second half of it later this month.

Not many people have heard of the game. It's a difficult series, marked most prominently by the inclusion of "demons" who are pulled from all mythologies and serve as both allies and enemies. In most cases, MegaTen starts with a normal seeming situation which is rapidly knocked out of balance, either disrupting a world which remains or entirely destroying a world in the creation of a new one. For those of an occultic, mythological, psychological bent, the series is a delight. For those of a puritanical bent, I'm sure it must be a nightmare.

In any case, that scuffs out the background; on to the particulars of the two workshops I attended.

4PM Friday: Megaten Talk )

Do You Know Jack Frost? )

Links formt he Wig Workshop (which kicked ass): ragdolly.net and amphigory.com.

Sorry about the wait, [livejournal.com profile] shingan!!


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