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A recent bookstore purchase made me giggle. I am, as many of you know, a rabid manga fan. About once a week I traipse over to one of the local bookstores, grab a stack, and sit and drink chai, eat a cookie or brownie, and read. The time before last I walked out with two manga: the latest Hellsing (Seras kicks ASS!!!) and MeruPuri.

Hellsing is, for those not aquainted with Manga, a badly researched story based in England that largely centers around battles between the Protestant and Catholic Churches and Vampires. It is bloody, gory, has people on spikes (er ee er ee er ee), bodyparts flying, and the coolest female character ever drawn in a manga, Integral Hellsing. Plus Alucard. Who can't love Alucard? Well, lots of people... *ahem*

I blame it on my vampire fetish.

MeruPuri, on the other hand, is about Airi, a young girl whose dream is to meet the perfect man and live with him happily ever after, making a quiet, happy, domestic life with him. She's turned topsy turvy when a ten year old prince from another realm comes through the mirror passed down from her great, great... great grandmother, who just happened to come from the other country this kid is from. When it gets dark, he ages, thanks to a curse put on him by his older borhter, so half the time he's small and cute and watching power rangers, and the other half of the time he's tall and sexy and watching power rangers.

The only thing which makes him young again is a kiss from his chosen maiden, who he declares to be (obviously) Airi. Hijinks ensue. It ends up in the reverse-harem area, which I'm finding quite entertaining.

So yeah... I walked out the door with two of the most wildly different manga I could have chosen... and I keep alternating in reading them.

I'm beginning to think there's something seriously wrong with my mind. *giggle*


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