Apr. 27th, 2006

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I have a new beloved poet.

Who Said It Was Simple
by Audre Lorde

There are so many roots to the tree of anger
that sometimes the branches shatter
before they bear.
Sitting in Nedicks
the women rally before they march
discussing the problematic girls
they hire to make them free.
An almost white counterman passes
a waiting brother to serve them first
and the ladies neither notice nor reject
the slighter pleasures of their slavery.
But I who am bound by my mirror
as well as my bed
see causes in color
as well as sex

and sit here wondering
which me will survive
all these liberations.
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I will never forget the first time you posted in my journal saying something because I was so amazed that the Famous Snacky of the Famous Snacky's Law was talking to me.

Yes, I'm that lame. ;)

You are an incredibly witty person. I can't count the number of times I've started giggling at comments you've made. You also have a very clear and rational way of viewing events, and believe me this is a compliment of the highest order. I've always felt as if I can share things with you without censure; even if you disagree, I know you'll explain why and how and we'll still be friends at the end of the exchange. Even OTPs.


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